Your Space, my space (watch those caps)!!!

So now that I am almost done with her space, I start making plans for MY OWN SPACE

As already mentioned, I get the use of half the attic (the sunny side… oh no the cool side… or maybe…) as soon as she makes up her mind! The same goes for the doorway (THE ONE I ALREADY CLOSED THIGHT WITH BRICKS!!!) that needed to be closed to create one big attic… That now has to be split in the front- and back room!!!

I am a collector of (vinyl) records, so I cannot reside on the sunny side… OTHERWISE MY RECORDS WILL MELT!!! On the other hand, If I stay on the cool side of the attic, I am straight over the room of one of the kids… So I need to keep the volume down!

Just be glad that I’m not putting a POOL-TABLE upstairs!!!


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