Young Living’s 2018 European convention

Young Living’s 2018 European convention

2 weeks ago the Young Living 2018 European convention was about to start. A very social, yet business event we encourage all our members to attend. Why?

Where would one meet so many like-minded people AND get to hear from the leaders of industry how they did what they needed to do to get where they are today? Where renowned speakers from all over the globe give you tools to thrive in you daily business…

This year’s theme was freedom. Freedom in its widest form, like yours truly has changed his occupation from being a corporate minion to a FREE, independent international distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I was invited to be on stage together with Ray Delis, Raúl Rodriguez and Alexander Goldgruber to talk about how we support the business of our wives/fiancés, how we are going to build our own business alongside (since Young Living allows us to have a Spouse-account as of August 1st.) and how we think we are going to stand our ground in a predominantly female ruled (Multi Level/Network) market.

Over a 1,000 attendees wanted to hear how I did that, what the motivation was and what I have planned for the future. And I am grateful for the opportunity I was given.

[click here for video]

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