Xmas every day…

My wife thinks it’s Xmas every day! She even acts surprised every time she receives a box filled with scrapbook stuff…

Why act surprised if it’s the same stuff you ordered???

And like Xmas boxes with or without content are to be found all throughout the livingroom…

And like Xmas guess who has to throw out the empty boxes???


2 thoughts on “Xmas every day…”

  • It must be a “woman” thing; I also totally love it when the mailman brings me a parcel… the moment of opening it is fantastic… because the thing(s) you have been waiting for are finally there..in your hands!
    I am totally on your wife’s side with this one 🙂

  • I’m not sure if it’s a woman thing, my DH acts that way whenever he gets a package!

    I can put my mine on my work table and not even open it for days. I already know what is in the box.

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