Women vs. Men

Scrapper’s Paradise = Husband’s Hell?

Do I really need to elaborate on this one?

Well… OK! But if you need more input, don’t be lazy and read the older posts…

First there is the urge to collect: anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) is usable on a LO! wheter it’s a button of a pair of pants that YOU no longer are allowed to wear (I keep asking myself why… It only had 1 tear just below my “bottom”, which is totally hip again I noticed as I was made to shop for a new pair!), or the packagematerial on top of the Peanutbutter jar (you know that shining gold stuff… Never know when you will use it, so you keep like at least 2 year’s stash!).

Second the selling stuff: If she needs to buy stuff wholesale, yes indeed it comes in amounts of x, but why why why would she also keep the package material??? Going do any LO’s with that? Is it purely to PO (replace PO with a nasty word) me? And like she does not have enough packing material, she goes to the wholesale store to BUY packing materials!

And third the scraproom: NAG NAG NAG that it is still not done, and it already is like this for a year (I don’t see her taking up a hammer, screwdriver, drill or whatever… Or for that matter I don’t even want her to! Can you imagion the damage?), but did she call the contractor about that “daylight”-window? I don’t know how much you would pay for daylight, but I think we will have the most expensive lit room in the neighbourhood! DOES MONEY GROW ON TREES IN YOUR GARDEN, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU BOUGHT IT!


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