Weekend update!

Oh yeah! the window is in place… I walk into that room on a regular base and still get “Star Trek”-feelings when I see that window… It is like the window on the bridge were you can watch the stars stripe as they go into warp-speed… I guess she’ll just have to get used to it!!! We did not get around to isolate the last wall, as the contractor forgot to mention that the (water)tiles below the window need to dry a day or 2… 3… ’cause of the mortar!!! SO NO DRILLING ALLOWED!!!

Instead got some of the hallway done; it was kinda sloping so we had to straighten it, which took most of the Saturday, so I continued Sunday and am very proud of me!!! (you may leave you comments on how proud you are of me!!!)

On the funny note:
As y’all know American have a National thing for anything:

National sport: Baseball or American Football
National food: McDonalds (am I starting to offend anyone already?)
National comedian: George Bush (still not offended?)

Well anyways, now the congress even has the lunatic idea to make Scrapbooking the National pastime… Watch the evidence!!!

Well, the good thing here is that this lady is self-appointed…


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