Weekend & Customs

How was your weekend? Did your wife bother you with any nignags? As said before, mine was off for 2 days… so I had a perfect weekend… Me and the boys have been cocooning all weekend! Had Patat, Pancakes & Pizza for dinner, Chips & Tosti’s for lunch & cookies & candy for breakfast!!! Watched loads of TV (Nickelodeon), played all the online-games we could find & even some Gameboy-stuff…

Although most of you will probably never have to experience trouble with customs, here’s a little something on how to fool them… If you have a supplier that wants to “work” with you they will lie on the commercial value of the goods… However, if they do not want to “help out”, they will fill in the actual value and you’ll have to pay the whole impot-duty and VAT-amount… Which will reflect on the price!

I’m not saying I’ll be the one with the hat!


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