The Room Of A Scrapbooker’s Husband

Like I said on Friday, not much to been done around the scraproom of my wife… And I did nothing about it to change the status!!! With all this talking about a scrapbookroom for my wife I never got around to tell you about “my space”…

With 2 kids and a wife that claim most of the space left, I don’t get a lot of space to myself! I do however tend to make piles of everything I own… Books, magazines, harddisks, cd’s and so on! Wherever you look (in the livingroom, bedroom, attic) there are (small) piles of my stuff.

So when I stumbled upon a site about photography of products I thought up below solution! It is small, easy to store and mobile! This way I can use it throughout the entire house!!!

Ps. How was your weekend?

7 thoughts on “The Room Of A Scrapbooker’s Husband”

  • Dear Bubbah,

    Im the Mabelle of MyScrapWorks.Com. I design and run a website with a bunch of 9-5 working women. You can say WE belong to same “category” as your wife.

    While I do sometimes (once in a bluemoon) get to check our web stats and our Top50 standings I rarely scan other sites because I honestly dont have the time (Haha, between working and scrapping – who does?) It was good thing though I did THIS time because by golly(!) I had a great laugh reading your recent posts! — most specially about journaling and not having “space.” I believed I looked “crazy” laughing at my screen as I read your most recent entries and can’t help but wonder if my hubby felt the same way (well, he “voices” his “opinions” now and then… Haha!)

    I do leave most of the outlining of articles and stuff with my good friend Angela (our web editor) because doing the weblayout itself does take time already (and if I dont plan on sleeping, I believe I can still do web-ed work!) BUT YOU, YOUR BLOG, AND YOUR RAMBLINGS is something I truly can’t pass up.

    Would you be interested to be featured in our website?

    While Wes (yes, we are in touch with him for almost a year now and yes, we are premiering his movie THIS side of the world – Manila,Philippines) is scheduled to be “featured” soon by Angela, for the first time (in the 12 months since the website had been up) – I’d like to feature YOU.

    I find you honest and extremely FUNNY. And I can bet you there are a looooot of husbands here who feel exactly like you do and will be forever grateful for “voicing-out” their sentiments so “powerfully!” 😀

    If you are OK with this, feel free to email me and I’ll email you a bunch of questions for you to answer and I’ll take it from there (a few photos from you would be nice).

    If you cant spare the time (and I do understand), would you allow me to write my thoughts about your posts instead and link up the article in your blog?

    I do hope you’d find time to continue THIS blog. Its a very rare thing that someone in your position would take the time to post his thoughts on something thats pretty hard to “understand” or “accept” from a hubby’s point of view.

    Im glad you do.


  • Uhm. Bubbah, don’t you think that that thing takes up quite a bit of space ;-))) I think you can do with a little less can’t you? LOL

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