Symbol of Love?

How come their hobbies always cost so much more that ours? I for one don’t spend any money on hobbies… I don’t have any hobbies… My wife keeps me so busy with hers, I have little time to do the thing(s) I like… Like this blog for example: she thinks I am hard at work while I am trying to fill this post!!!

Man am I glad she has a business account! (be sure to read the prenuptial)


3 thoughts on “Symbol of Love?”

  • Oh Bubbah, how could you say such a thing (lol). My DH does have hobbies – YES, more than one and they tend to involve large expensive items such as sailing boats & classic cars and at the lower end of the cost range fishing equipment & clay pidgeon rifles. So my much smaller (albeit regular) expenditure is fully justified – me thinks!

    Love the graphic. Toni :o)

  • my hubby is a golfer (a bad one at that) and here in Michigan fees to golf start at 60.00 and go up from there for 18 holes-and then he has to have a cart for another 20.00 and replacement balls so that starts at 12.00 a dozen. And new golf cleats after he leaves them in the rain and new clubs every so often and gas at 3.50 a gallon and the beer and nasty greasy burgers after so 25.00 or so. And he has absolutely nothing to show for it except a stubby pencil and his scribbly paper with his horrible score. At least with papercrafting I have ugly cards to give away.

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