We all know the meaning of SWAP, right?

How often did you hear conversations like below…

“I’ve bought this gorgeous such and such, you should see it!”
“Me too, if there are some more, we can do a swap!!!”
“I’m in!”
“Me too!”
“Count me in as well”… And so on!

This can be done in several ways: through Snailmail or Party!!!
And ofcourse I wouldn’t be me if I did not have pictures to show what a mess SWAP-parties could become…

Here you see them entering (storming in) the house of the organizer (above), anxious from waiting in line (below) to open up…

And this is what happens when you have limited seats… Of course everyone wants a seat at the window, so they even try to get in through them!!!

Now you know what a mess a simple swap-party can become… It probably will not be long before these parties become “Underground”…



2 thoughts on “SWAP-parties”

  • OMG!! You are toooooo freekin funny! My DH would totally agree with you and probably want to meet you to comisurate together! Somehow he has it in his mind that if we sold my whole craft room “we” could buy his Harley—-Ha silly silly man. (we could probably buy two!) bwahahahha

  • I think we can all say that our husbands would agree with you & mine would thank you for speaking on his behalf about being a scrapper’s wife. SInce I started from the dinning room table like most of us.. graduated to my “own” room- and NOT kicking him out of the garage- from that.. well what can you do but open a store?? so I did. I appreciate the humor you deliver on this “art” and thank you for it as well. I hope you don’t mind.. I did “swap” the DigiScrap cartoon you have .. it’s too funny not to share. Thanks for the laughs!

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