Oke, we survived the B’day party… BARELY!!! But now can we can kick up our feet and relax… For a couple of days ’till the party Part II begins!

It was fun; they played Pin The Donkey (Picachu), where one even commented that I did a nice job drawing… After that we let Michael unpack pressies by busting balloons with a picture inside matching the picture on the pressies. Then they had a cool-down coloring their bingo cards, after which we actually played bingo… If one had a full card he/she could pick a little prize!

And then it was time to watch a movie (Pokemon of course!) but the kids decided otherwise… The sun was shining, thus they wanted to play outside! And then the rain begins to fall (FLASHBACK). Luckily they wanted to remain outdoors… After half an hour they came back in to play some Wii… Had a drink and I brought them home!

Then my fooks came over (it is still a wednesday); so we had a nice dinner and after the boyz are off to bed we had a QUIET cup of tea and coffee…

And then I finally came across the one I was waiting for:
I was approached late last year to help Julia McKinnell (a Canadian journalist) with her piece about scrap booking… HERE IT IS!!!

Just some thoughts to share.


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