Scrapper’s Creed (or should I say GREED)

Here’s a short list on (my view of) her creed’s:

– Never leave home without at least one camera, every day is a potential photo opportunity.
– No scrap of paper bigger than the smallest punch shall be thrown away.
– Always be there for your fellow scrappettes to offer help, advise or support or just an ear for venting… But what about the husband?
– Gently remind your family (as they’re frantically running from her & her camera) that they will thank you someday for the memories.
– Tolerate (my) your husband’s comments as to the amount of money she spends. You may NOT point out that I have lots of tools, or the latest fishing, golf, boating, etc. accessory known to mankind.
– Do not envy your neighbor’s Silhouette, alphabet punches, doodlecutter, etc. (at least not openly).
– Plan all family vacations to places that have at least one Local Scrapbooking Store.
– Always have at least one album in prominent view at all times should company just happen to drop by.
– Faithfully measure your paper stash and run, not walk, to LSS when pile dips below 6″.
– Do not show your (and my) children the floor plan she has to convert their room for scrapping until they get kicked out of the house.
– Take at least one picture of yourself weekly so that my grandchildren will know you really was young once.
– Be forever thankful to Mr. Kodak for his wonderful invention.
– When (I) your husband is old and gray and reminiscing through your scrapbooks you will refrain from saying “I told you you would appreciate my obsession someday.” Then you’ll snap off some pics of (me) him in (my) his rocker!

And about that grey…

Have a great weekend!


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