Scrapbook is not for Men!

Is there anybody outthere (besides the INDUSTRY) that REALLY wants men to scrapbook? Sit in on crops, weekends etc. with nothing but women-talk and girlie-stuff? Does any woman want her friend/husband to get in touch with his feminine side and cry over this or that picture with a “story to die for”…
Can you imaging what kind of layouts would be produced???

  • My first Tattoo
  • Happily ever after (about a divorce)
  • Harley Davidson (or dream to own one)
  • Paintballin’ with the guys
  • Swapping stories on our scares
  • Pimp my Car-LO…


Did you see the article in the Wall Street Journal??? READ IT !!!

I think my wife is quite happy that I do not book-scrap… (isn’t that more correct??? As you are supposed to use scrap to create a book…) She sure doesn’t (willingly) wanna split “her” stuff…
On the other hand she can leave her stuff (or should I then say: OUR STUFF) laying around without me commenting on it…

Have a nice weekend (without DT-lunch)!


4 thoughts on “Scrapbook is not for Men!”

  • Gosh, can’t believe i actually watched all 6 minutes of this guy hahahahaha. I’m sure you would consider scrapbooking as soon as there would be something like clear stamps of heineken? 🙂

  • I dont thinkI would like to have my husband scrap with me. First of all he would go nuts over the amount of money sitting in this one room… Then he would drive me insane asking how to do this or that..

    I much rather have him around to say “Yes those colours work dear.” or “Oh that is wonderful. Leave it just like that?”

  • You’re So right! I Don’t want him to scrapbook! I barely want him to notice that I am scrapbooking! It’s For ME! I do get ONE thing for ME dont I? He’s taken my bed. He takes my chocolate. He invades almost everything I do! Can’t I have this for me?
    Ok watching crazy lady up there has made me a little…crazy. BUT you are right. I Don’t want to share scrapbooking with him.

    Thanks for saying it.

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