Scrapbook Husbands of the World: UNITE!

I knew I couldn’t be alone…

Check out

Scrapbook Widower

‘s blog!

I got goosebumps as I read his blog, like I was listening to me telling about myself…


7 thoughts on “Scrapbook Husbands of the World: UNITE!”

  • Bubbah – it must be such a relief to know you are not alone. DH took some photos this weekend and quoted you “My< life of a Scrapper's Husband" I was piled up in LOs for AC-Albums (ask DW what this means :-)) He might send those to you! He reads your blog now daily

  • Well we have to stick together – I took one look at Bubbah’s blog and knew that was what I needed to be doing – nice idea mate.

    It’s not as if we don’t have anything better to do than blog about someone else’s hobby, its just that scrapbooking is so pervasive that when one person becomes a scrapbooker the whole family get roped in.

    I now automatically change my style when taking photographs to maximise the potential of the shot to be used in a layout. . .

  • lol! Will send my hubby to your blog too, there is still a thing or two for him to learn and I am sure that when he reads your blog he won’t feel that sorry for himself anymore ;-))

  • Mirjam please don’t do that. I did it and now my dh want’s to start one too. I feels he has to appeal to the “cry for help” form Bubba. So now I wait to read his first blog.

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