Scrap a piece of me…

You’ve all seen the tools they use… I even showed you what they can do to a pair of flipflops… But do you also know that they actually abuse the embellishments and stuff on themselves?

You want examples, you say?

OK! I hope you got a strong stomach

How about Emily Falconbridge touching her hair while scrapping… with acid-free glue?

Or Vivian Bonder using the book ring to pimp her nose?

Maybe Celine Navarro sat too close (with her lower lip) to the piece she was working on when she decided to add brads?

And what ‘bout eyelet (Or should we say EARlets) check out Silje Roe Hagland’s ears…

And what about the rubons she used? Or her hair: let me count the ways to use Dabbers… Someone could have told her: Enough…

And ofcourse there is Wes Thomsen… He does not only use the rubons in an “unusual” way, he also has a rather strange way to use spikes…

But hey… Everyone their own kick… Hence the cartoon featuring me!!!


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