Real Men Wanted!

As you know by now, the majority of readers of this blog are women… And every now and then I get rewarded for commenting, critize or ridiculing my wife’s hobby…

Here is another example:

Sorry for the altered sign, but hey… I cannot display a sign saying “Girl”, now can I?

So now that I actually got a Rockin’ Dude Blogger sign, here are the NOMINEES:

Wes Thompson: the only dude that came out of the Brown Paperbag and let the world see he scrapped!
Eric: This dude makes some pretty pictures!
Mr. Grendel: Wise cracks & coffee, read some of his stories (makes me smile)!

And last but not least: Michael: where does the dude get that eye from…

Feel free to use the new sign… altough I doubt anyone will… I am however very curious ’bout who they might nominate… Just wait and see!

Have a great weekend. And for those of you that will be at home while she is scrapping:


BTW: Check this!

I Am 100% Weird

I’m more than quirky, I’m downright strange.
But I’m also strangely compelling, like a cult leader.
How Weird Are You?

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