Opportunity comes knocking…

Opportunity comes knocking…

As by now you probably know, me and the mistress are self-employed – she full-time, me newbie – as independent distributors for Young Living essential oils & supplements.

You probably also already saw some of my posts with the “Tick Tock” and countdown on Instagram.
Well, I finally took an unpaid leave for 3 months (formerly known as the sabbatical – because that is the maximum length of time they can do without me) starting January 1st 2018, to figure out whether or not I can “do the oils” business full-time together with my wife from home 24-7. I already know I want to, so I was going to find out if I am Oil-material…

What am I gonna do exactly?
Hmmm… How do I explain?
I am gonna put it out there, so there won’t be any questions other than “How can I join?”.

What does an independent distributor for Young Living essential oils & supplements do? I advise people on the products that Young Living offers. Young Living works with distributors because they want their customers to have the very best support in using their products. I do not sell, let me repeat, do not sell products. I order products I use, and if you want to order 1 item too, I can either order it for you or you can order it yourself. I do not do retail! It is mere because I do not want to do all those tax-thingies.

How do I make a living out of advising people? Young Living works on a referral base, which means that I get paid commission on people that order their own products, but use my name and number as a referral. The reason Young Living works like this, is that the products are so powerful, you need someone to guide you, to answer your questions, to advise you. This is often called Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing.
No foul language, just look at the picture below…
CorporatePyramid_1100-1024x698The general idea people have of MLM is: the person(s) on top gets the most money and the people at the bottom work the hardest, while paid the least. That is not the case with Young Living.
Please take a close look at this picture and tell me that the company you work for is any different.

In Young Living you can earn more money that the person(s) “above” you, because you put more effort in your work or make better use of your network!

Because I am one of the few male distributors in our Oiled by Nature-team, I want to start an All-Male Team that is focused on male-subjects like sports, cars, tools and such.

Rockstars Wanted 2

Like I said, all that’s left is 1 question: How can you join my team?
Wanna join? Got a question? Leave me a mail, fill out form below!!

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P.S. As I am writing about the way Young Living compensates their members or distributors, I am legally obliged to include the most recent income disclosure statement.

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