New banner

New banner

So how y’all like my new banner? Made it from “scrap”… Which is not intended to be funny, but almost looked like I was scrappin’… Now wouldn’t that be a joke!!!

On the new tip, Imma also revivin’ the Scrappers with Crocs blog, had some mails (YES THEY DO IT TO THEMSELVES) requesting to show their Crocs…

This time I do not wanna complain about her and her scrap-thingies, I wanna make her feel (a bit) better… She doing so much that she hardly gets everything done that needs to be done!

She’s got:

Now wouldn’t it be nice to have something to stream that workflow??? Just a little program to help her sort things out??? There is this here competition to win just that: a task manager program!!!

Now that I’ve got that outta my system… Have a great weekend…

ps. Wanna banner like mine? check here!

BTW: that is not her room!!!!

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