My brother Scott Schuler, one of the people I hold in high regard as a person, but also as the man behind the Ride for a Reason fundraiser among others, has put up a couple of videos on his YouTube channel about his “MAN UP” project. A project to help men stand in their power and live a life filled with values, norms, respect and trust.

For me “Manning Up” is taking responsibility for my actions or actions taken on my behalf.I have to apologize and repair whatever damage is done, no-one else. From the heart, genuine! Not matter how uncomfortable that makes me feel. Manning Up.
Making excuses is often used as a hollow phrase, to hide the real facts someone should apologizing for. People that are angry they got busted is what their apology is for, not regretting for what they did or caused.

As a father of 2 teenagers, I recognize whatever they are doing and saying: They copy my behavior, my way of thinking, my humor… I am their main role-model.I do regret the way they sometimes react towards Daniëlle (my wife) or me, then I MAN UP and correct them for their behavior, taking responsibility for how I raised them.But then again I hear from their friends’ parents how friendly, nice, thoughtful, well-behaved and helpful they are. That gives me pride, I know I did something right.I know I sometimes drop the ball, but overall I did a hell of a job, even though nobody ever told me how to do it.

Same goes for our marriage:
It may not be perfect, but it is perfect for me. I truly adore my wife, we have been together for almost 30 years, we have our up and downs, but we can talk to each other about anything. We need to talk about anything, as we have a family together, a business together, a life longer together than being apart. We might not agree all the time, but we respect each other for what we are; flaws and all!

Or what about OUR business:
I know my wife has been busting her ass off, working over 4 years to get where we are today, but where would we be if I had not “Manned Up” and do the work around the house, the dinners, the laundry? Being in a business together means that we do things that the other one doesn’t or is too busy to do so. I am forever grateful for all the effort she puts into our business. If she had not put in that much effort, we would not had the opportunity to fire my boss and me join this Young Living adventure full-time. If I had not taken on the chores, she would not have time to do the business full time, we would never have the freedom we have nowadays. We both have to put in effort to make things work.

So, to all my brothers out there, I just want to say this:
Get your head out of your ass, be there and do what is needed: MAN UP!

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