Long Weekend

As most of you I am of today (Good Friday – isn’t that suppose to be every Friday??), so this post is like “really early”… right?

And to make this Friday a really good Friday, I found this here movie…

Tomorrow we are going to join a whole lotta Peanuts for a tournament in Haarlem, if the weather is gettin’ a bit better… Overhere it is raining and snowing… So we’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.

No more Delays
Check out this Clip
Before I Flip!

Peace! MC BubbaH!

4 thoughts on “Long Weekend”

  • This video is too funny.

    I just wanted to let you know that i came across your blog by accident today and loved the title lol.
    Your blog is interesting and i did share it with a few of my friends,actually a message board full of them lol.
    Just wanted you to be aware incase you see your site counter going up suddenly!!

  • Hey!!
    …stumbled accross your blog from another blog…and so on!
    I own a home based scrabooking business where I too teach classes, host monthly hall crops and operate a home based store, which is available for shopping at all classes and crops!
    It sounds like your wife is kept extremely busy, just like me, in this little scrapbooking world of ours, congratulations to her!
    AND to you…your stories sound so familiar from my own husband! TOO FUNNY!
    i enjoyed scrolling through some of your posts and will also be sharing your link with some of my scrappin’ pals! It’s like hearing my own husband…but not!
    HAHAHA! I’ll stop by again for a giggle! ( BTW…i really liked your modification of the KI Memories rub on! )

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