Keep ’em happy

I bet y’all thought I was leaving you without an entry for the weekend… Just keeping you on your toes!

Nah, I was very busy yesterday… Had to straighten some stuff out at the boys’ school (yes both of them are now going to school!!!)… and work of course, which took a bit more effort then usual as it was month’s ending! After that had a quick bite at home and left for “GUYS NIGHT”.

Every other Friday my friend Sven invites me and a couple of others to do MEN’S STUFF at his place… It is just about the same as cropping, but rather than discussing the latest in paper, we discuss the really important things in live: iPhone’s, music, computers, latest DVD’s, websites and so on…

So now you know why, here is something to keep your wife off your back (it makes you look like you are considering her and her hobby, but the reversed side is ALL FOR YOU)…


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