It’s SADD…

For all those women that scrap…

Do you also suffer from temporary loss of memory or gaps in your timelines?

Finally a diagnosis was made for your problems

It is called S.A.D.D. or:

Scrapbook Attention Deficit Disorder


  • You get to the car to go to the scrapbook store, but you look at the car and decide that the car needs to be washed, so you go back to the house to get a bucket of water and soap
  • Upon entering the house you see the mail on the floor
  • Ok, you will get the water, but first lets sort out the post
  • You put the carkeys on your desk, sort the leaflets from the post and see that the wastebasket is full
  • So you put the remainders of the post (including some bills) on your desk and take out the trash
  • Oh No ! first let’s pay those bills…
  • Where are those tranfer-forms?
  • O….K…. Only 1 left….
  • AH! The spare forms are in the top draw upstairs!
  • He, your Coke is still standing there on the desk…
  • First get those spare forms.
  • Just to be on the save side lets put that glass away from the computer before knocking it over the keyboard…
  • You know, let’s put the glass in the fridge to keep it fresh
  • You walk into the kitchen and notice the plants are rather dry, they need water desperately
  • You place your glass of Coke on the sink, and guess what… there are you sunglasses!!!
  • You have been searching for them all morning!
  • Let’s put them away before you forget
  • Fill up the watering can and head for the flower pots
  • Aaaargh!Someone left the TV-remote in the kitchen.When you will be watching TV tonight, no one will be checking the kitchen, so you will bring it to the living room at once!
  • You pour some water on the plants, spill on the floor, drop the remote on a pillow of the chair and head back to the hallway.

What where you doing???

At the end of the day:

The car is not washed, the bills have not been paid, the glass of Coke is still out on the sink, the flower never got enough water, you still have only 1 tranfer form and you cannot find your carkeys….

You are trying to figure out why nothing happened today.

You have no clue, you were busy all day!

You are aware that you have a serious problem and need professional help soon, but first you come and check my blog…
And here you read this message, and you sigh in recognition…


Scrapbook Attention Deficit Disorder

B.U.B.B.A.H. (Before Unpacking Best Be At Home)

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