It’s a dirty job… And guess who has to do it…

When she is a “housewife” people tend to look at you like you have some nasty decease… “Ain’t she got a job?”, “You must make a nice buck each month…”, “oh, that’s nice. Then the kids have someone to come home to”… But we all know what mess it would be if everyone was working, nobody to tend to the dishes or the laundry, the kids would be calling the TV mum or dad and worst: TV DINNERS!!! (I wonder who would be putting them into the microwave).

So yes I might be bitching about my wife a lot, but it ain’t all bad…
Well, it would be bad, if she was only a housewife with a hobby and a business.
But no… She is a working mum with a hobby and a business… So that makes it worse!!!

How comes I still love her then???


BTW: Have a nice weekend…

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