Hambly Screen Prints or Prince (or whatever)

While I am watching TV or browsing the web (not at the same time… I AM A MAN REMEMBER), I sometimes (between all that white noise) pick up pieces of conversation between my wife and her (of course) scrapping girl friends. Last time they was talking about Hambly; so I was thinkin to myself: Finally they are evolving!!! They actually found a topic to seriously talk about…


As it turned out: They were not discussing theatre plays like Romeo & Juliette, they were discussing the latest in scrapping… Hambly Screen prints Overlays, Papers & Rub-ons!


9 thoughts on “Hambly Screen Prints or Prince (or whatever)”

  • You know, actually, scrapbooking is art! Therefore it goes in the same category as Romeo and Julliet! and that makes talking about Hambly a very serious thing!

  • oh sweetie, what other hambly is there ….. it smells of vanilla (except the paper of course that smells awfull)and looks fab. Can’t say the same of a play ….

  • if it makes you feel any better, over at Hambly Screen Prints we are very serious….plus i can’t wait to forward your blog to all the guys working for us 🙂

  • Hey Bubbah
    I thought I’d let you know that I understand how you feel. My wife is a crapbooker too(this is not a typo, this is what her gearhead calls it). She not only scrapbooks, but half of our basement is set up as a scrapbooking business- Paper Canvas Studio. As a trade off I now own my dream muscle car that my wife says she let me have to get me out of her hair. She has crops, I have car shows all summer long. How many husbands can say that. But I must confess I like our albums and when I am old and distinguished looking and can’t remember anything or anyone these albums will be nice to look at. Yes I get nagged too about cooking and cleaning because she is sooo busy with either crops at our house(8 women) or at the church gym (20-45 women)and I show up there and check out each page made by the women there. It is fun and yet there have been a few stressful times in our marriage too. So far we are still together, the crapbooker and scrubby aka gearhead 🙂

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