Guess Who’s Back?

Yep, it is I…

Back from holidays, which in general should mean rested…

Well guess again…

  • I was first pick in playmate to both kids! Whichever game they played in or around the pool, I was always included!
  • As for the stay in a 5 star hotel in Turkey, I can advise it to all of you… No worries which restaurant to go to this night or that, as the one included in the arrangement was a very good one; especially the french fries and the pizza!
  • Every night entertainment: wheter we liked it or not, as our room was right above the central square where the live music was (every third day the same guy with a keyboard “singing” the same songs…).
  • 50 degrees celcius (122 F) on an average day.
  • Ear infections from the pool… Deprived us both of a lot of sleep. The infection got so worse that one of the kids was hospitalized for a day (just to make sure that we could fly back home on the planned date).
  • Shop after shop fitting jeans in this heat…
  • Why are all pools filled with screaming people (Yes, that’s right not just kids)
  • Shopping for that one particular thing (still unnamed till this date) that she needs to bring home ‘cuz they don’t sell that over here… Like we don’t have articles that say “MADE IN TURKYE”

But on the bright side there were no scrapbookshops and best of all:

They got to see ME! In Holiday mode…


BTW: wanna see some pics already? Check here! or maybe here!
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2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back?”

  • Nice to see you back from the Hols.

    It would appear that I am a ‘Life Blogger’…your blog is the story of your life – a living diary, if it happens. you blog it, and make it as entertaining as possible.

    Thanks for sharing the link…wonder what other types of bloggers are out there? Toni :o)

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