Grey, Basic Grey

Hope you a good weekend, mine was full of preparing for the birthday party of my oldest son while my wife went off to a B’day party… My son set his mind on a Western Party with Native American indians and Cowboys, so I created a Totem! Will post the instructions and end result when I am completly done!

But now back to the subject: like I told before, I do not mean to eavesdrop, but I do pick up a lot of conversations…

Last time she was talking about getting cream to get rid off the fine lines in her face… I already have them for like centuries, but you don’t see me buying some $40 cream to put on my face! Or for that matter anywhere else!!!

Then of course she had to drag in the fact that she only has 1 or 2 grey hairs, while she refers to me as being:


At least I am not coloring my hair to make me look more intelligent…


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