How was your weekend? Mine was OK…

Saturday had to take one of the kids swimming; afterwards took both kids to watch the Peanuts play, although they were more interested in the Little League game…
And all that just ‘cuz she needed to scrap!
In the afternoon all of us went to a park (Plaswijck) to meet up with Liek & her family. The kids had a blast. Later on delivered them at their Grandparents; so we could have dinner with Liek & HB…

As you know she was off to the Scrap-a-lotta so I had the whole Sunday to myself…
I got the chance to rummage through her scrap supplies!


Leave me a comment and I will have one of you get picked out of the High Hat! JUST DO NOT LET MY WIFE KNOW!!!

Back on the day off subject, I had to steam clean the bathroom and THEN I had the whole Sunday to myself, which turned out to be a couple of hours well spend at my uncle Richard’s birthday party! After that trailed back home ‘cuz she needed the car to drop some women off at the airport. I was just on the phone when the car stopped and 2 very exited ladies came jumping out and wanted to take a picture (yeah with me…Ladies please send me a copy!!!).

For the evening I reserved tickets for Spider-man 3, which we both wanted to see (big screen). As I am a HUGH spider-man fan I was kinda disappointed that Spider-man turned out to be such a cry-baby (never saw that in the comics) and Venom already died after a couple of minutes!!!


11 thoughts on “Give-A-Way!!!”

  • LOL, just be glad you got to stay at home. In one of the Lisa Bearnson workshops, 2 guys were scrapping along – both were from Belgium and came along with their wife/girlfriend. Anyway, my husband also enjoyed himself with me away for the weekend, hahahaha.

  • LOL!!! Reading about you giving some of her stash while she’s away is just too funny! I just hope my own husband doesn’t stumble onto this blog and get some ideas of doing the same thing to my hoard! LOL!

  • O jee thank goodness my husband doesn’t read this blog, suppose he got the same idea. In 2 years I will be searching for this nice pink embellishment of wich I’m shure I have it somewhere……..well OK I’ll buy a new one if I can’t find it,LOL.

    Was the spiderman really such a disapointment? Have it on my want to see big screen list together with the last pirates movy.

    love your blog Liezbeth

  • Bubbah,

    Hope you don’t mind if I hide over here for a bit – the scrappers are scrapping over on my blog. Big battles over which scrapbooking system to use.

    Safer here.

  • You wouldn’t really dare to give your wifes supplies away… it would just cost you more money so she can replace it…LOL

    If your serious… you can give me some! HAHA

  • Your Blog is Ingenious (sp?)
    I pop on every now and then to catch up with whats going on.
    You have made me think bout putting a lock on my stash storage though…glad husband isnt fab on PC otherwise he would be selling not giving away mine…LOL

    Keep up the fab work!!!

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