Garden presentation

Well I guess you are wondering about those pictures of the garden, right? Ok, here is a compilation so far (1st picture is the “before” situation)… Still needs some extra work, but the major part is done!!!

The playhouse of the boys still need to be put in it’s new spot, the slide has to be re-attached and since the build the boys are grown quite a bit… so we need new swings! And oh! A CLIMB WALL!!! And a new roof (the on there is still “out of the box”)!!! 

Back to the scrap-room: She needed the extra cubboard installed (NOW)… in a room stuffed to the roof!!! So I kinda ORDERED her to evacuate (at least part of) the room… After which I still didn’t had that much space, but I started anyway… Couldn’t see which part belonged where (this one ain’t IKEA’s), almost gave up (she was already off to IKEA to buy a new one… which was way too small!!!), but came out (like DiCaprio said):

King Of The World!!!

Placed it back in the room (ALONE) and went off with the boys to play peanutball… Before I had to start on dinner. 

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