Freak of nature or…

Y’all probably seen or heard about Wes Thomsen; this man makes documentaries about Motorcycles & Mid-life-crisis, writes articles in all major scrapbook magazines… and also made a movie about…


Check his movie-site!

The contractor is about to start the place a window in the last wall… Which means… I am about to do some more building in the scrapbookroom of my wife (and she will be off all weekend… spending time with her scrapping friends & designteam)! I wanna leave you with this:
Wes also has a blog that you should see… You got a whole weekend to read it…
A dude that starts scrapping with the grannies of your wives HAHAHAHAHAHA or the entry about him being in Australia & New Sealand on a previous occassion (15 years ago)… He actually looks cool there and doing cool stuff… MAN STUFF!

I won’t tell you too much! JUST READ IT! See Y’all back on Monday! Have a Blast!


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