Don’t stop scrapping…

Oh yeah it’s been a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long weekend… Like 2 months! But I’ve been very busy with… (lemme think for a minute) … Oh yeah! When you turn a certain age, you tend to forget some things. I turned 40 in April (I know I told you a little white lie last year). And she threw me a great party! With lots of friends, food (Home-made by her!) and music! One of my friends brought his Final-scratch, so we had to dust-off the turntables and all… Thanks dear!

What else been keeping me busy? Peanuts! The new Baseball season started end of March, so the weekends are now filled with Games! Colin wanted to join as well, so he now is a “Little Bandit”. And 2 kids in 2 teams means 2 days during the weekend to go to the ballpark! Not all weekends, but some Michael even played in both teams… Last year my dad assisted me with the Peanuts, but this year he has his own team; the second coach of that team can’t always make it to the training or games, so I am the substitute coach… And ofcourse I like to just watch the 1st team, who is in 1st position now (even after the bench clearing brawl of 2 weeks ago).

And the most positive side of games during the weekend is that whenever she has a bridal-shower-scrap-thingie, I have an excuse to not stick around! For example next Saturday she has an “Open House” with makes-and-takes, Meet-and-Greet with the Designteam and ofcourse reduced prices; Memorylane Scrapbooking exists 3 years and that calls for a small celibration! Hopefully she sells all that stuff, otherwise she might quit… And what will she be doing next?

If she ever thinks about a different carriere, it best not be singing… I know, it ain’t polite to tell, but she better keeps her singing to herself under the shower!

You do not wanna have her recording a clip like this:




3 thoughts on “Don’t stop scrapping…”

  • wat leuk dat je weer terug bent!
    I missed you!!

    And I must confess: I didn’t make it to the end of this, let’s say, interesting music-clip.. 😉

    groeten van Zwitserland

  • hahahaaha…i couldn’t watch it all. wow. that was bad.
    scrapbooking is definately more entertaining!
    glad your witty self is back..
    although, it’s june 23 and it’s time to post again…

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