Curfew Curve-balls

Curfew Curve-balls

Oh boy, things will start heating up in Netherlands now that Summertime is about to kick in, so it will be daylight much longer. And then Ramadan is almost at hand… As of April 1st most Muslims will have a month of fastening, with the limitation to eat after sundown… See where I am going?

So as the current curfew is set at 21.00 hrs., the summertime will set the clock back 1 hr, so daylight will be WAY past 21.00 hrs. As a result of the fasting month, Muslims will eat together after sunset, after visiting the mosque…

The big question being: Will they be able to either visit their family and have a meal together before the curfew-time of 21.00 hrs? My guess: No, they won’t!

We will have to wait for the press conference of Mark and Hugo, or maybe Ferd, but I think they will stretch the curfew to 22.00 hrs., so the mayors of the big cities will have no problem enforcing the rule or putting additional BLUE on the streets.

Want my €0.02 solution? Let’s all go out and party til we drop and fuck the curfew!!!

Suggestions for the mask issue, mandatory vaccinations or the police-violence anyone???

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