My brother Scott Schuler, one of the people I hold in high regard as a person, but also as the man behind the Ride for a Reason fundraiser among others, has put up a couple of videos on his YouTube channel about his “MAN UP” project. A project to help men stand in their power and live a life filled with values, norms, respect and trust.

For me “Manning Up” is taking responsibility for my actions or actions taken on my behalf.I have to apologize and repair whatever damage is done, no-one else. From the heart, genuine! Not matter how uncomfortable that makes me feel. Manning Up.
Making excuses is often used as a hollow phrase, to hide the real facts someone should apologizing for. People that are angry they got busted is what their apology is for, not regretting for what they did or caused.

As a father of 2 teenagers, I recognize whatever they are doing and saying: They copy my behavior, my way of thinking, my humor… I am their main role-model.I do regret the way they sometimes react towards Daniëlle (my wife) or me, then I MAN UP and correct them for their behavior, taking responsibility for how I raised them.But then again I hear from their friends’ parents how friendly, nice, thoughtful, well-behaved and helpful they are. That gives me pride, I know I did something right.I know I sometimes drop the ball, but overall I did a hell of a job, even though nobody ever told me how to do it.

Same goes for our marriage:
It may not be perfect, but it is perfect for me. I truly adore my wife, we have been together for almost 30 years, we have our up and downs, but we can talk to each other about anything. We need to talk about anything, as we have a family together, a business together, a life longer together than being apart. We might not agree all the time, but we respect each other for what we are; flaws and all!

Or what about OUR business:
I know my wife has been busting her ass off, working over 4 years to get where we are today, but where would we be if I had not “Manned Up” and do the work around the house, the dinners, the laundry? Being in a business together means that we do things that the other one doesn’t or is too busy to do so. I am forever grateful for all the effort she puts into our business. If she had not put in that much effort, we would not had the opportunity to fire my boss and me join this Young Living adventure full-time. If I had not taken on the chores, she would not have time to do the business full time, we would never have the freedom we have nowadays. We both have to put in effort to make things work.

So, to all my brothers out there, I just want to say this:
Get your head out of your ass, be there and do what is needed: MAN UP!

Baseball & Oils

Whoever says Baseball and Young Living don’t mix?

Here are some shots of the National League Division Series wild card game of the Chicago Cubs playing @ the Colorado Rockies of October 3rd. Contreras comes of the field, feeling a little cramped after 13 innings, being comforted by his trainer, who brings him a Ningxia Red pouch.

Rumor has it that the Cubs also have a Rain stone diffuser in the locker room…
Cubs Locker Cole Hamels

It turns out it is no rumor, Cole Hamels has a Dewdrop diffuser in his locker!!!
 #youngliving #ningxiared

There actually is a Rainstone diffuser in the locker room!!! Here is Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls 2015/2016) with his son P.J. talking to the Cubs-manager Joe Maddon, after a game.
Joe Maddon Rainstone

Young Living’s 2018 European convention

Spouse Panel2 weeks ago the Young Living 2018 European convention was about to start. A very social, yet business event we encourage all our members to attend. Why?

Where would one meet so many like-minded people AND get to hear from the leaders of industry how they did what they needed to do to get where they are today? Where renowned speakers from all over the globe give you tools to thrive in you daily business…

This year’s theme was freedom. Freedom in its widest form, like yours truly has changed his occupation from being a corporate minion to a FREE, independent international distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. I was invited to be on stage together with Ray Delis, Raúl Rodriguez and Alexander Goldgruber to talk about how we support the business of our wives/fiancés, how we are going to build our own business alongside (since Young Living allows us to have a Spouse-account as of August 1st.) and how we think we are going to stand our ground in a predominantly female ruled (Multi Level/Network) market.

Over a 1,000 attendees wanted to hear how I did that, what the motivation was and what I have planned for the future. And I am grateful for the opportunity I was given.


[click here for video]

Sometimes You Must Dare To Jump!

You cant always wait for the perfect timeBefore I got laid off in 2014 I already made my decision to look for something else; although I got fired before I could find another job. I never could have imagined being unemployed for over 2 and a half years, with 25 years experience as baggage…
At the same time Danielle got suckered into a contract renewal that she didn’t want to serve out, but with a mortgage, family of 4 with 2 teenagers, me being without a job and all, she stuck with it… For a couple of months.
Then her manager threatened to kick her out, if she didn’t accept another new contract for a 40 hrs. this time.

LifestyleThat, my unemployment and a seriously ill family member was enough to tip our scale: we were stressed out, sleeping bad and a load of other stuff going on.
Our friend Corrine wanted to help us and told Danielle to get the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living, an essential oils company to help with life’s issues.
Danielle ordered the kit, without telling me, because she already knew I would be OK with it: we had been choosing healthy alternatives for several things in and around our home & life and this was another step in that direction! We got rid off the chemical options like Aspirin and so on. We instead are using Stress Away oil to let go of stuff, Peppermint to mellow our stomach, Joy to lift our mood, Lavender to ease into a good night’s rest.

Danielle has always shared her favorite products and shops with the rest of the world and so did she with Young Living oils. She shared so much that she would eventually get paid* for referring people to buy Young Living products. With the referring also came the education of people on alternatives for issues in their lives. And with those two came the decision to go “all the way”: she quited her full-time job, even though I was still unemployed, to network market the products of Young Living as independent distributors; we became our own little company called Oiled by Nature. The day she was saying goodbye to her job, was the same day I found my new full-time corporate job.

Danielle worked her butt off to earn a decent income*, and I helped her out from the sideline. I made a website, did loads of marketing materials in Photoshop, took care off the kids, went along to workshops, meetings and conventions, told anyone that wanted to hear about our alternative for big pharma’s solutions, but also did a big part of the choirs about the house.

Last year we came to a crossroad in our lives: we made enough income* to support our family, too much work to be done in the time we had and me being in a job that didn’t give me the satisfaction it was supposed to. Sometimes you need to follow through on your plans. Plans I made years ago.

In February 2017 I decided it was time to make a change. A change in my professional life. I informed my manager that I wanted to take a sabbatical for entire 2018, a year off to dedicate supporting Danielle in pursuing our independence from corporate life! That year was not allowed, so i handed in my notice…

December 15th., 2017 I took my leap of faith and started to work alongside Danielle, 24/7 from home, on making our venture a major success. It’s been a challenge: opinions clash, but always hearing each other, and even financially. All of a sudden we had to live of what we were making with Young Living, but guess what? We manage*! And that was what it was all about: FREEDOM. Freedom from corporate life, freedom from schedules, financial freedom*, freedom to travel the world to see things we could never imaging.

*As I am talking about income and finance, I must show you the income disclosure of Young Living™.
Income disclosure OBN NL





My Thoughts on the Young Living International Grand Convention 2018

After last weeks Young Living International Global Convention 2018 I had to let everything settle down …
It was busy, pleasant, instructive, moving, exhausting, stimulating … All possible emotions and moods that you can think of that passed by one or more times.
From total incomprehension when standing in line (standing still for 2.5 hours!) at Customs in Atlanta, because they could not handle the pressure of 5 international flights at the same time, to regularly tearing up watching Mary Young, with her sons Joseph and Jacob, shortly after the death of her husband Gary being on stage tell us how grateful they are for the support they receive from us. From the jet lag from 8 hours time difference to the energy boost we got from seeing all those inspiring speakers and all our friends that we have not actually spoke to in real life for far too long.
StressAway2.pngWhat started out with just an oil to reduce the pressure we felt in our lives (I was unemployed, Daniëlle was pressured by an d**k of a boss because I was at home unemployed and she really could not say no to more work , a house that without the financial help of family never could be saved and a relative who was seriously ill), has now become a network marketing business where we help almost 2000 people in their personal growth and support them with 100% natural products.
What started with the spontaneous decision by Danielle to purchase the €160 kit without consulting, is now a FULLTIME business for both Danielle and me with a FULLTIME salary for both. Which purchase will yield you a return of almost 3200% on your saved € 160 in 4 years time?
What started with an investment, because if you are unemployed and have to survive on benefit and a part-time salary, everything you buy becomes an investment, has grown to an annual turnover of $ 1,000,000.
What started with our belief in these products and the revenue model behind them – Danielle quit her job, while I still did not have a job, we were (and still are) working way over 40 hours a week to improve our lives … Even when I found a job again , the hours that I was not on the job, I used to thrive OUR Young Living business, not only by helping with building & maintaining the website, creating marketing materials, but also largely taking care of the household, so Danielle could devote all of her attention to our team, which strengthened our union and yes, we are almost always together, but ask us both how we feel about each other and our business…
On stageWhat started for me as “just the man of”, I have since been able to quit my job to do the Young Living business FULLTIME; last March during the Global Leadership Convention in Croatia it got me on stage in front of about 1,000 people telling them my vision on working together as a couple. I spent a big part of my time trying to involve more men in this business. Because to be honest, Young Living is still a business in which more than 85% women and only 15% men work. And then we are not even talking about Europe, where the percentage of men is even lower!
What started with every vacation – yet again – have to say “no” to the kids, simply because there was no money to get away for even a week, has become a globetrotting adventure with trips to London, Croatia, Berlin, but several trips to the USA, or what do you think about Honduras, Belize and Ecuador? And our journey does not stop here …

Because that’s what this is: a journey! A journey that brought us so much we did not dare think about 4 years ago. Personal development, friendships, but also financially. But to be honest, this business is not for everyone, although everyone can do this. If, like us, you want to help people, empower them and let the whole world know about the products you believe in. Get out of your comfort zone. Dare to take the step. We are here to help you.

Because I am talking about income I have to mention the income-disclosure!
(English version here).

Income disclosure OBN NL

Opportunity Is Life’s Reward or OILR for short

It doesn’t all have to do with baseball, sometimes it can be something completely different.

Ed OilrI occasionally buy a cap that has that “something completely different” feeling to it, something I have a great feeling about. Like this one!
OILR is the website of Johnny Drop & Victoria Williams, whose motto is:
“Opportunity Is Life’s Reward” or OILR for short. Johnny & Victoria want to pay it forward with the help of selling apparel on their website. One of the causes that they pay it forward to is SOLE HOPE. And now let SOLE HOPE be a cause that I feel greatly for, as it is one of the causes that the Young Living Foundation is supporting…

I ordered this cap in the USA and I had to get it here somehow…

It was brought here by a lovely woman that is one of my heroes, not because she saves people from burning buildings or stops street-robbers or whatever.

Melissa is one of the many people we met through Young Living and she is paying it forward by putting in her spare-some free-time to help those in need. In Uganda…

Ed & Mel OilrMelissa is a mother of 8, wife to Nick, and still finds the time to volunteer to fly (at her own costs) to Uganda and help the locals with hanging hundreds of mosquito nets so the people of Uganda can sleep safe without getting infected with Malaria. Or help the locals with building shelter or housing, so they have a roof over their heads to get through the nights. What about buying large amounts of chickens to support the locals not only with food, but also an income from either selling eggs, chicken or chicken-meat. But what I admire about her most of all: she helps the people of Uganda with dealing with JIGGERS

A jigger is a small (nearly invisible) flea-like parasite. It burrows into skin and latches onto blood vessels. Within days the jigger becomes a 1000 times the size it was, while continuously laying eggs. Those eggs hatch, mature, and lead to an infestation.

The results of jigger infestation are pain, itching, and infection. Children can no longer walk to school. Adults can’t care for their families. The elderly become captive in their homes.

Worst of all, due to widespread cultural beliefs, people infested with jiggers are often shunned for the “curse” painfully visible upon their body.

So can you imaging that you have to use a razor-blade to cut into someone to pry out a parasite with a needle? Sometimes even TIMES 30 or more per person! And what if that someone is a kid of 3 or 4 years old?
No anesthetics, just you, your razor-blade and a needle. THAT’s why Melissa is one of my heroes. For being the humanitarian she is! God bless you, Mel! (and thanks for bringing the OILR.cap).