Baseball & Oils

Baseball & Oils

Whoever says Baseball and Young Living don’t mix?

Here are some shots of the National League Division Series wild card game of the Chicago Cubs playing @ the Colorado Rockies of October 3rd. Contreras comes of the field, feeling a little cramped after 13 innings, being comforted by his trainer, who brings him a Ningxia Red pouch.

Rumor has it that the Cubs also have a Rain stone diffuser in the locker room…
Cubs Locker Cole Hamels

It turns out it is no rumor, Cole Hamels has a Dewdrop diffuser in his locker!!!
 #youngliving #ningxiared

There actually is a Rainstone diffuser in the locker room!!! Here is Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls 2015/2016) with his son P.J. talking to the Cubs-manager Joe Maddon, after a game.
Joe Maddon Rainstone

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