Baseball Caps

I have a nice collection of baseball caps and some have good stories to go with it… I will occasionally blog about this cap or that.

Let me start with my latest addition: University of Texas Longhorns (Austin,TX).

I used to play basketball in the 1980’s. And now you’re wondering: “This guy is all about baseball”, right? Correct, but there was a time when I was playing basketball… Most guys in the Netherlands play soccer, but that’s so not me. You do not won’t me in your team… I have always been into the American sports.

Back then Longhorns was a powerhouse in the NCAA… Guess you’re wondering “what”? National Collegiate Athletic Association; this is THE program for athletes to make a name for themselves to get drafted in NBAWNBA, MLB, NPF or NFL.

Ever since then I fell in love with the Longhorns. A Dutchie rooting for Texas? Yep, it happens. No idea why, until last week…

My wife and I were on an all expenses paid cruise in the Caribbean, with 2000 like-minded people (check my blog on the Young Living Global Leader Cruise). Upfront we started a Facebook group to get to know one another. I saw several people introducing themselves, lived in Texas.

So I asked a very bold question: Who is willing to bring me a Longhorn cap?
Several people offered to bring me one! Man, these are my kinda people!!!