Did you know that women can actually win prices (besides RAK’s) for their “work”? They can send in their layouts to be judged and maybe even win 15 minutes of fame in return…

I was gonna say something witty about this, but it’s very quiet ever since February 12th on Creating Keepsakes’ award site

Still curious? Is there also a “Lifetime Achievement Award” available? Or better… “The HB” award! The award for the most suffering, most giving in Husband… Or the least spending wife!

I’ll take votes!!! (just on the HB-awards, as the part where they convince us on their spending is so blurry… I AM DOING MY WIFE’S BOOKKEEPING, SO I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT)!!!

As for the scraproom… My wife planned to be off all of Saturday, which leaves me with 2 kids, schoolyard-sale, Flea-market & a birthday party! As for Sunday she already planned a visit to her brother, but came back on it as she wants me to finish the room… So I might be spending some time there (again…).

Anyway! Enjoy your weekend, make sure you get loads & loads of rest… Next week may be totally different…


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