Does your wife also keep referring to this and that woman and her techniques and beautiful work? And once that woman writes an entire book (well… it’s more like a collection of layouts with extended journaling) she can’t wait to get her hands on a copy…


Anyone who ever smoked or still smokes knows Allen Carr as the author of the greatest novel: Easy way to stop smoking… And we all know where that got him! Writing about quitting smoking and then he dies of long cancer…What horrible death would he have died did he indeed wrote above title?

Allen Carr dies of multiple paper cuts!
Allen Carr found Punched to death!
Allen Carr dies after tie got stuck in Cricut!


1 thought on “Adore”

  • How about his one; Allen Car gets stuck with his tie in the Cricut.. since all the scissors are out of reach he has to use heattool to try to separate his tie from the cricut.
    But then it turns out that his tie is higly flammable…..

    Don’t you just love scrapping tools?

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