Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Ed Slingerland. I live close to Emmen with my wife DaniĆ«lle, our son Michael (Colin lives on his own since our move), 4 cats Violet, Tansy, Cedar & Ginger and doodle Franky. Oh yeah,my Mother-in-Law moved with us and lives on our 2nd floor…

By trade I used to be an all-round IT-guy, last working as Application Specialist Users & Security for 2 Amsterdam hospitals. Nowadays I am a FULLTIME work from home dad, CBD Expert, COE (Chief Of Everything) of my own life, working with my wife in the company we started some years ago: Oiled by Nature.

We are independent Platinum Brand Ambassadors for Young Living essential oils because we love the products and what Young Living stands for.

In my spare time I love to travel, meet new people, walk the dog, work out in the gym, occasionally go for a run and read REAL books.

I am a huge baseball-fan: I used to train & coach the Haarlem Little League Seniors team (U16) my oldest son used to play in. I love watching him play in his team, I trained & coached him for at least 13 years and I did the scoring for his team. Since 2022 I am part of the Little League staff of North-Netherlands and train & coach the Seniors (U16) of the provinces of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and a part of Overijssel.
I collect baseball jerseys, from way back to unknown teams, my drawers contain thousands of baseball cards and my caps collection grows out of control (check CAPS).

My youngest son used to play baseball as well, then switched to water-polo a couple of years ago. He used to pitch, so he has a strong arm, that he could put to good use in the games: he could easily throw a ball past 3/4 of the length of the bath… And thus was he regularly defending the goal for his team. Nowadays he works out at the gym, does musicals, so he sings a lot, and dances!!

I also have kind of a vinyl addiction – I collect records… Over the years I have collected several thousands of them. Even so much that every now and then I forgot I already had that record. So I am selling my doubles on CRANKLAND, to buy others I do not yet have.

I am working on a schedule to post everyday on a certain subject… It is not yet written in stone:

  • Monday: Musical Memories Monday – I will share a record that I own and the fond memories I have of this record
  • Wednesday: Wellness Wednesday – Today I will share about me working out in the gym or one of my favourite wellness products by Young Living
  • Friday: New Music Friday – Every week I will post about a new “everthing” in Musicland
  • Sunday: Baseball Funday – As the weekends usually are about baseball in my family, I will write about the game(s) we’ve played or watched.