A look into the wicked brain of a scrapbooking wife…


Happy Birthday Michael! My son turned 6 today!


It happens every day.
An otherwise in control women comes to the counter to purchase scrapbook supplies. Once she sees the total, she will state “My husbands going to kill me!”

Are we really ogres who yell every time they spend a penny on Scrapbooking supplies?
All your wife failed to do was conceal or properly explain her spending habits. And how does she do that, you ask? Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Watch for destroyed evidence. She probably tossed all bags and receipts in the trash at the curb. She also slipped her supplies into existing stash (hoping we’ll never know).
2. Cook the books. After she made a purchase she’ll substitute the name of the local grocery store for the store name in the check registry and when we ask where all the money goes, she tells you, “Hey, we have to eat” Caution: Watch out for duplicate checks!
3. Bribed kids. She’ll keeps all potential informers on the payroll. An allowance raise or unlimited Game time might buy their silence, however with toddlers, all bets are off (they will be our most likely allies). Thinking, if they can sell them Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. She’ll think of something.
4. If all efforts at concealment fail and she is caught unpacking her latest purchase, these last ditch excuses will be most likely.
a. She had that like forever! If she followed Tip 1, that would be easier than if a dated receipt is hanging out of the bag.
b. It was on Sale! This excuse does not generally go over well with men, but she will try.
c. The Guilt Trip. “I was working on your album as a surprise but now just forget it!” Most effective when she tries to accompany that by hysterical weeping.
d. Changing the subject. She will ask if you’ve been working out lately. she will try to give you “that look”. She will make you forget what you were asking in the first place.
e. When all else fails, she will DENY everything!

These comments are based on fictional persons; any resemblance is pure coincidence…


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