45 seconds of Ecstacy

45 seconds of Ecstacy

She got me to go to a concert of Meat Loaf… You know the one… Big, Sweaty, Loud… As he is almost 61 already, I wanted to see one of his shows before he quits, so I agreed to tag along. BAD MOVE!

I should have just kept to my cd’s… Maybe watch a videoclip of “Paradise”… But noooooH, I had to go out and see him!!!!

He stood there on stage like he was autistic, drunk or high, never once sang on cue, made words without using any vowels, which he made up entire songs with… And then the sounds that came out of his throat… I GOT PROOF!!! HERE!!! (FYI… The Internet police of YouTube deleted the recording I made, so the management of Meat Loaf is always right…)

The band was good… Not great, but good. You cannot play all songs like extended (12″) versions on a slow beat so the singer can keep up. They should however be rewarded a medal for being on the same stage, while trying to put up a show… The same goes for the singers: at least they did what they were paid to do…

I made some new lyrics to “45 seconds of Ecstacy”:

45 seconds of ecstasy
How do you dare to stand in front of me
Drunk or high or def on three
45 seconds of ecstasy
45 seconds of ecstasy
Cuts right through the believability
This is were the show ends for me
After 45 seconds of AGONY

So to end this rave, like Meat Loaf said:


(I guess she can make a nice scrap-project out of this one)
Gotta mail today from MOJO concerning my complaint:
Dear visitor,

We read the complaints about the performance of Meat Loaf last monday in Heineken Music Hall. We found the perfomance below standard ourself, we did not talk to Meat Loaf but we know that upfront he was full of confidence to put up a good show. He said to be in topshape. He did not however perform to his full potential. Which shows that artists are human too. He did play his full set, did not gave a sloppy performance and tried his best. Meat Loaf and his management do not give back money to the visitors. Our task, being the productional organisation of the concert, is performed good, so we do not compensate aswell. We are devoted to organise good concerts and events, but the part ON stage is a commitment of the artist. We are sorry that you have a negative feeling about the concert.

Mojo Concerts”

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